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Hosting an organization’s data in the cloud means that it is continuously saved and every collaborator is working from the most recent version. However, as with all information that lives on the internet and despite Google’s stringent security and privacy practices, data on Google Apps is still inherently vulnerable.

Hackers, sync malfunctions, stolen devices, user error, and malicious intent can cause data loss of variable severity, possibly leading to the deletion of an important email in Gmail or year-long client project stored on Drive.

While data loss will likely never be completely preventable, there are combative tools that regularly back up data across an entire domain, and can subsequently restore any otherwise lost data created in Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, or Drive. This site intends to increase awareness of the risks that necessitate a Google Apps backup tool, and to provide the information and resources critical to minimizing those risks and choosing the right backup solution for you.

Install BetterCloud: Security & Management Tool for Google Apps

  • Bulk Email Signatures
  • User Provisioning
  • User Deprovisioning
  • Password Policies
  • Drive Policies
  • Google+ Policies
  • Email Delegation
  • Powerful Reporting

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